Product AnswerWIN


This module is best for simulating single scenarios with graphical user interface and thorough helpfile support. The following presentation gives a quick overview of the main functionality of AnswerWIN. It can also be downloaded as PowerPoint presentation.

Upon launching AnswerWIN, you are prompted to enter call center statistics which will be used throughout the calculations. One of the most common sources for this kind of data is your ACD recordings.


From here the lower three buttons allow you to branch off to the three essential functions of call center planning and optimization provided by AnswerWIN.

Function “Calculate Performance”

Choose this function to forecast key performance indicators (KPIs) like service level, lost calls, productivity, and queuing for a given number of agents.


The graphical representation shows how these KPIs change with the number of agents.


Function “Plan Personnel Requirements”

Here you can specify a target values for different parameters such as service level, lost call rate etc., and determine the required personnel capacity based on that.


Function “Cost/Benefit Optimization”

The optimal balance between lost calls and increasing the number of call center staff is determined here. This point leads to a maximum net profit contribution of the call center. Therefore the respective service level and lost call rate represent ideal performance targets.


Again, all results can be visualized in a chart.


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  • The Windows version
  • Calculates all Call Center KPIs
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • The Excel version
  • Calculates all Call Center KPIs
  • Flexible use in own Excel Spreadsheets
  • AnswerWIN and AnswerXLS
  • In an attractive package
  • Save more than 300€
  • Erlang C and Erlang B as Excel plug-ins
  • Free and unlimited
  • CC-Logic recommends AnswerWIN and AnswerXLS