CC-Logic offers three software products for call center clanning and optimization:

Answer_WINThe Windows version with graphical user interface (GUI).


Answer_XLSThe Excel version. Excel-PlugIns provide easy and flexible access to all functions within your own Excel spreadsheets.


Erlang_XLSErlang C and Erlang B functions as Excel-AddIns, free and unlimited. This is a unique offer from CC-Logic. However, for best results, we recommend using AnswerWIN und AnswerXLS.


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  • The Windows version
  • Calculates all Call Center KPIs
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • The Excel version
  • Calculates all Call Center KPIs
  • Flexible use in own Excel Spreadsheets
  • AnswerWIN and AnswerXLS
  • In an attractive package
  • Save more than 300€
  • Erlang C and Erlang B as Excel plug-ins
  • Free and unlimited
  • CC-Logic recommends AnswerWIN and AnswerXLS