Latest Changes

Recent History AnswerWIN


  • Relaunch: Improved forecasting options
  • Introduction of AnswerXLS


  • Include different currency symbols to choose from to display financial amounts


  • Fixed some inconsistencies in menu enabling/disabling logic.
  • Minor changes.


  • Improved appearance of launching window.


  • Add additional window to estimate the average time to abandonment.
  • Introduce context sensitive help which means that inside the helpfile the page of the calling window will be opened.


  • Added three criterions to choose from when calculating the personnel requirements in the “Plan Personnel Requirements” window.
  • Added feature that unreasonable input data is adjusted automatically to the closest reasonable input data.
  • Minor changes on the data storage behavior.


  • Added storage feature of entry data in “Cost/Benefit Optimization” window, “Plan Personnel Requirement” window and “Calculate Performance” window.
  • Fixed enable/disable logic of Calculation Button in “Cost/Benefit Optimization” window.


  • Changed registration code logic.
  • Harmonized the maximum number of TSRs shown in “Results List” window with that shown in the graphs.
  • Fixed number format for English version (decimal point instead of comma).
  • Minor changes.


  • Added “Total Realized Profit Contribution” curve in “Cost/Benefit Chart” window
  • Added points on graphs when called from context with specific number of TSRs
  • Included resizing of graphs when graph windows are resized.
  • hanged graphs to start at zero TSRs instead of 1 TSR where applicable.
  • Changed window opening positions so that they open relatively to already open windows.
  • Minor changes.


  • Fixed problem of changing colors in graphs upon clicking cancel in color chooser.
  • Limited the number of windows shown in task bar to one (plus registration prompting window in demo version)
  • Fixed problems with run-time error when graph windows are resized to minimum.
  • Minor changes.


  • Harmonized Enable/Disable Logic of menu options with respective buttons in several windows.
  • Included warning messages whenever Erlang C comparisons are performed.
  • Included clearing of results when input data is changed for consistency reasons.

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  • The Windows version
  • Calculates all Call Center KPIs
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  • The Excel version
  • Calculates all Call Center KPIs
  • Flexible use in own Excel Spreadsheets
  • AnswerWIN and AnswerXLS
  • In an attractive package
  • Save more than 300€
  • Erlang C and Erlang B as Excel plug-ins
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