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The provider of smart software for call center planning and optimization which can be used immediately.

The core of our Call Center Software products is a new forecasting methodology on caller behavior. It integrates advantages of latest scientific findings with traditional proven formulas like Erlang-C and Erlang-B.
You can use our Call Center Software to:

  • Forecast your service level, lost calls, productivity, and queuing
  • Plan your call center staffing requirements
  • Optimize the cost/benefit ratio of your call center

Our Call Center Software products are easy to implement and use. Why not download a free version of AnswerWIN and find your answers today on questions like:

  • Why is my call center under-performing?
  • What is the right service level for my call center?
  • How can I reach my service level target?
  • How many lost calls can I afford?

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  • The Windows version
  • Calculates all Call Center KPIs
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • The Excel version
  • Calculates all Call Center KPIs
  • Flexible use in own Excel Spreadsheets
  • AnswerWIN and AnswerXLS
  • In an attractive package
  • Save more than 300€
  • Erlang C and Erlang B as Excel plug-ins
  • Free and unlimited
  • CC-Logic recommends AnswerWIN and AnswerXLS